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We are an AU Riddle era RP. Tom Riddle is only a young student and Gellert Grindewald is still making the wizarding world and unsafe place to be. The Death Eaters and Order don't yet exist, though the Death Eaters are in their beginning stages of development. Darkness threatens the wizarding world, but there are those willing to fight against it. Do you believe that good will triumph over evil, or are you one that craves power and chaos?

Please read through all of the site's information before registering. Register with your character's first and last name in ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS, with a space between the names. i.e. harry potter

SPECIAL EVENTS: click here

June 17 '14 new skin made; site time change to happen soon.

Mar 19 '14 new skin added, including new templates for all site lists. app was also changed and any accepted apps were given the new codes already. if you cannot find something, don't hesitate to ask in the cbox.

Feb 6 '14 even more canons were added to the site and are available for play.

Jan 14 '14 new canons were added to the site to give more diversity for the site.

Jan 11 '14 p&w has officially opened. registration is open for all characters types.

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